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Corporate Yoga

Want to take a break from the daily office grind?  Whether it’s a weekly class or a one time session for your employees, yoga will reduce stress, increase focus, and boost energy. Learn more.

Yoga at Events

Organizing an event? Bringing a mindful yoga class to your event can be a memorable gift for your guests. Let's connect to discuss how to make your next event that much more special.

Private Yoga

Interested in beginning yoga or deepening your practice? Working one on one is a great way to grow your practice and focus on specific needs and goals, at a time that is most convenient for you. Contact me.

Yoga in Studios

Do you live in Center City, Philadelphia or the surrounding area? Are you visiting? Have you been looking for a local yoga studio? Check out a class with me! I would LOVE to connect!  



Align & Flow

My alignment-based vinyasa classes offer clear alignment direction to empower students to experience greater stability, freedom and ease in each posture. Alignment in the body allows the energy to flow in a way that enables us to enjoy the practice with fluidity and ease. These all-level classes include a heartfelt theme, movement with breath, foundational poses and sequences that build strength, flexibility and knowledge to work towards more advanced poses. 


Every Breath is a Chance to Begin Again

Lisa O'Rear  |  Yoga teacher


About Me

Intentions for all of my students:

  • Learn how to find alignment in your body

  • Experience and feel each posture more fully and completely

  • Connect your physical practice to the untapped power and strength that resides in your heart and mind

As a red head born and raised in Miami, Florida, I quickly learned that while the sun is essential, sunscreen is life.  

Coffee is my vice. I usually pre-game with coffee before I meet friends for coffee.
Schmee, my 'never impressed' or 'always annoyed' (as seen below), Shih Tzu, is my partner in crime. We can finish a jar of peanut butter in one episode of The Wire.  
Early morning quiet time is non-negotiable. I use this time to get my head and heart straight for the day. 
My husband grounds me. 
God gives me wings.
Nine years ago my life changed for the better when I took my first yoga class - I literally had no idea what I was doing and I LOVED it.  I focused so much on where to put my hands, my feet, to breathe… that for 90-minutes, the worries of life were suspended. 
Cue my theme song, ‘Catch my Breath’ by Kelly Clarkson. The ‘Catch my Breath’ thing is an ongoing struggle, but through the practice of yoga it has become more manageable. #trusttheprocess
Fast forward through a couple of 200-hour trainings and life changing events and I have come to connect with the value of alignment in yoga. 
In my classes you will be aligned, engaged and challenged - fun and laughter included. 
I am grateful for my teachers Paige Held and Mariel Freeman, who continue to inspire me to find my authentic voice, teach from my heart and never stop participating in the conversation of yoga. 
See you on the mat.

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