Intuition - Lisa O'Rear Yoga


Sometimes in life, you just know. 

And, I knew.  

Yet, I walked into that hospital anyway.

As I sat in the waiting room, a strange yet familiar uneasiness consumed me. Like the kind that makes your armpits sweat before a big exam or interview. It would be fine, I told myself. These are simple and routine tests. 

But, the tiny voice inside my head calmly whispered. Get out of here. Fast. 

I sat still. Frozen.

The voice was gentle, yet persistent. What are you waiting for?

I blankly stared down at my clammy palms. 

With a sense of urgency, the eerily composed voice that had no sound echoed...Get out. NOW.

Two hours later, trapped in a procedure room, I found myself struggling to catch my next breath. The alarm on the vital signs monitor screamed as the creepy sensation of “pins and needles” crawled up my arms and legs. Overwhelmed by the aggressive urge to either shit or vomit I started to panic.

Is THIS how it all ends? Is THIS how I go out? 

I should have listened. I should have run.

The decision I made to ignore the voice that day will haunt me forever. I suffered a tear in my vertebral artery and a blood clot blocked blood flow to my brain causing a stroke.  Have you ever ignored the presence of that tiny voice?

Intuition. Gut. Whatever you want to call it is a feeling that causes us to know certain things without fully grasping the how or why. We experience strong inner convictions about people, situations, or future decisions that we cannot explain, and many times, our convictions prove to be correct.

I choose to believe that intuition is a gift given to us by God. It is an internal compass if you will, He has placed in all of us that attempts to guide us in the right direction. When we choose to listen to our gut, it steers us clear of harmful situations, decisions, and relationships. It is the voice of the truest Teacher. 

When intuition speaks, listen. 

Because sometimes in life, we just know.